5 Features to Try in Your Calgary Basement Development

The time of year when you decide to proceed with your basement development in Calgary is likely a part of something grander and more wonderful. For instance, the spring air becomes warm for the first time, or the summer fills your mind with pleasant thoughts and simple memories. However the decision comes to pass; beginning your development with the right planning and consideration is still essential.

Plus, when it comes to your planning, you should keep in mind that some Calgary basement development ideas are better than others. That is why it is so critical for you to consider the following features before you begin your development.

5 Features for Your Calgary Basement Development

1. Adding a Bathroom

One of the most common features people add to their basement during development is an additional bathroom. There are many good reasons to do this; increase in home value, the comfort an additional bathroom brings for dwellers of the house, and the ease of installing the room in a basement. 

2. Hanging Drywall

Hanging drywall not only helps to keep your insulation safe and effective, but it also shows a nice, complete finish after your basement development completes. Plus, it is easy to decorate or repaint drywall as long as you remember to prime it first.


3. Second Living Room

Much like Hobbits, the living room is a space where you can genuinely benefit from asking the question, “what about second living rooms?” With a second living room in your basement, you provide a space for your kids to leave you alone. I mean, play games in peace. Also, you can use the space for friend gatherings or other fun events.

4. Extra Storage Space

Of course, you could not participate in basement developments at all, and probably have the most storage space possible for the area. But, that will likely be disorganized, and you are probably going to notice the lack of vertical storage options, so take the opportunity to put some extra shelves or bookcases to utilize your space for the best.

5. Perfect Wiring

Easily the greatest frustration with any entertainment space is the large number of cords that seem to explode from the area. Plugs going into power bars connected to wall outlets with additional plugs and on and on it goes. Therefore, take the time during your development to really consider what you will need to store in terms of cords and electronics, and make some plans to get them tucked away and tidy.

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