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Should You Renovate Your Home During Winter?

Starting a renovation project during the winter may not seem like a smart idea. But for many homeowners, it may be the perfect time to renovate. There are many reasons why you should consider renovating during the winter. At the same time, it really depends on your personal situation. Here’s what to weigh in for the decision:

Factors To Consider When Renovating In Winter 

More Contractors are Available

Because the winter season is slow for contractors, it becomes a buyer’s market. You can work with the best contractors that would otherwise be busy during the other seasons. And the fact that you have so many choices also means that you can get competitive quotes for your home renovations.

You Save Money on Material

Whether it’s materials or appliances, you can save money by shopping during the winter. Companies want to sell as many products before the end of the year and also want to move out inventory for new shipments. As a result, you can expect to see lower prices for almost everything you can think of. It also helps to work with a contractor that has the manufacturer connections. You’ll save money with kitchen renovations in Calgary with discounted materials and products. 

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Faster Permit Approvals

Because fewer people want to undergo home renovations during the winter, it means that the government agencies will have less paperwork to deal with. You can expect permits to be approved faster than usual. As you may know, dealing with permit delays can become a headache for all parties involved. The winter season is the perfect time to avoid this issue.

You Get the Enjoy the Warmer Seasons

Do you really want to spend the warmer seasons dealing with a large renovation project? Whether its a bathroom or kitchen renovation in Calgary you could spend the summer missing out on the good times. By starting your renovations earlier in the winter, you can get finished by the spring or summer. It may also be smart to take a vacation during the winter while the contractors are working on your project.

When the Winter Season Can Be a Problem

While there are many benefits of renovating your home during the winter, it’s not ideal for every homeowner. If you know that friends and family are going to be coming over regularly, the winter may not be the right time to renovate. If your home is on the smaller side, then it can be really annoying dealing with all the work in progress.

Overall, there are many reasons for renovating during the winter. It sounds counterintuitive at first, but once you see all the potential benefits, you just might want to change your schedule.

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