Interior frame of a new basement under construction

The Ultimate Basement Development/ Pub Conversion

It is every person’s dream; a beautiful and welcoming pub in the basement of their home. They can visit with their friends, or share a lonely night alone with the bartender. The smell of revelry and earnest hope and enjoyment permeates the room, and all who enter are merry. Well, at least, it is the dream of many people.

However, to achieve this pleasant and welcoming environment, it is first necessary to perform your basement development in Calgary. Plus, we don’t want to give the wrong idea. You also have to get permits, a business licence, and likely the city council’s approval before you go marching into a business. But, for your personal use, the development will suffice.

First Steps of Your Basement Development/ Conversion

Make a plan

The first step in any great undertaking is to make a plan. Start by going through the area you are planning to convert and imagining the possibilities. One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is by asking probing questions. Below, we have a list to help you out:

  • Where should I put the dartboard? 
  • Where should I place the bar, and do I need shelving behind it?
  • Do I have enough room for a billiards table, or will foosball suffice?
  • Will there be tables and chairs, and where?
  • Are there going to be working ale taps, and does there need to be keg storage?

Find a contractor

The next step for your basement development in Calgary is to find yourself a contractor. This step is crucial as you want to find a person who will help your vision, not hinder it. Plus, they should be capable of helping you realize your dreams in every capacity. Therefore, take the time to scout potential contractors and make your decision the right one, the first time. 

Lower level bar

Consider the details

Once you have a rough plan and polish it with your contractor’s help, the final step is considering the details. At this point, your project can begin, and you can speculate as it begins to take shape before you. Your considerations should include the trim, details, and special features of your pub. For instance, tasteful neon signs, thought-provoking wall art, or a solid conversation piece. 

Get Started on Your Basement Development Now!

Now that you have the plan for your pub, the last question is, “what are you waiting for?” Get started on making your dream pub a reality in your basement today!

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