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What’s the Cost to Completely Renovate a House?

While renovating an entire home is undoubtedly an expensive and lengthy project to pursue, it can also be rewarding. Whether a renovation is needed for vanity-based upkeep or to avoid purchasing a new home as housing prices soar, a complete home renovation is a massive task to undertake and afford. Increasing the value of your home, customizing it to fit your style, and fixing all unnoticed issues are only some reasons why a complete renovation can be worth the money you inevitably spend on this project.

Ascertaining how much work and money a renovation can take is worth knowing if a home renovation is an endeavour you want to take on. 

Work and time of a renovation

A lot of work goes into renovating a home. Establishing a budget, obtaining the materials, and meticulously planning the demolition and remodelling of each room are among the few steps that need to be taken. To complete a major renovation, an overhaul and demolition of the rooms in your home are drastic actions that are a part of it, which can be time-consuming. Facilitating your desired designs into fully-realized ideas can take months. Underlying concerns that might be discovered during the renovation is another scenario that should be factored into your renovation time frame, which will only extend the length of the remodelling. 

Because of all this work that will go into your complete renovation, you should prepare yourself for a time-consuming and exhaustive project that can last for nearly a year–if not longer.

Approaches to take

Like any major project, a complete renovation will have its positives and negatives regarding the design method you prefer. Having the ability to hire contractors and designers to renovate your home can save you time and effort. Of course, hiring a team of people to help you renovate will undoubtedly be costly. Doing the entire renovation at once instead of doing it in pieces will also be a time and money saver.

With this method, you, your family, and your contractors can better communicate and curate the design you want. This approach will have you and your family searching for alternative housing rather than living within a construction zone, another option that requires forethought and potential budgeting. 

Because of this additional chaos in your home, a renovation can upend your typical schedule for a period of time. This should all be taken into consideration before deciding on a complete renovation. 

Completely Renovate a House


A lengthy period of disarray and a large extraction of money can be expected when doing a complete home renovation, with the latter being a pressing topic. The costs of a complete home design will depend on various factors involved in a renovation, like the materials that are used, the hiring of a team, and the costs of new decor. Estimations of a complete home renovation are anywhere from $17k to over $100k. The cost of a renovation often begins to swell due to underlying and structural issues within the home or other uncontrollable factors–like the size of the rooms in your home that are being redesigned. It’s always helpful to consult a professional in matters of complete renovations so you can begin to grasp if this is a project worth pursuing.

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