If it is time for bathroom renovations in Calgary, then start planning. To get going, look at the latest bathroom trends for 2020. You might just find your inspiration.

Three Awesome Ideas for Bathroom Renovations in Calgary 

Get Brassy with Brass Finishes

In recent years, other metals have been preferred in the home. Stainless steel and rubbed bronze have been particularly popular. However, in 2020, brass is making a strong comeback. It is not hard to see why. Brass is bold and distinctive. The color is sure to pop against your decor. To incorporate brass fully into your bathroom design, look for shower fixtures, faucets, drains and more. You can even bring brass into other features like your lights, doorknobs and more.


Try Refined Style with Minimalist Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of bathroom renovations in Calgary. This is a room where having good visibility is especially important. Instead of bulky light fixtures on the walls or ceiling, you can expect to see a lot of built-in lighting styles. It is now possible to build lighting into cabinets, behind mirrors, under soffits and more. These newfound lighting contexts offer a more minimalistic approach to your bathroom design, and they can create a unique ambiance for your renovation project.

Give Distinctive Tiles a Try

When most people think of tiles, they think of squares or rectangles. A 2020 renovation, however, might opt for something a bit less conventional. This year, distinctive tile shapes are really popular. You might get something shaped like an octagon or hexagon. There are even tiles in the shape of shells. These tiles are a bit trickier to lay out properly, but the extra work needed for proper installation is certainly worth it. Distinctive tiles will give your bathroom renovations in Calgary a definitive stylistic edge.

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With the hectic state of this year generally, home renovations in Calgary may not be at the top of the list of your concerns. However, now is a great time to try something new, and the renovation industry never stops innovating. Therefore, the best time to start your renovations is right now, and you should consider trying something new, such as the hot new designs below.


 7 Home Renovation Trends

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has to be on this list, but for a good reason. Every year we get better products with more exciting features to try out, and 2020 is no exception. Smart bulbs and wifi-streaming devices are both in high demand, but automatic curtains also show a marked increase of interest.

Better DIY

DIYers have always had a place during home renovations in Calgary, which certainly won’t decline in 2020. However, with the advent of video tutorials and online instruction manuals, more people than ever feel the inspiration to give their dream project a chance. 


Modernization seems to bring a good number of people to the design table. Characterized by stark whites and bold blacks, people embrace this 2020 trend through furniture replacement, kitchen cabinet remodelling, and much more.

Custom Features

Custom features are playing a significant role in the 2020 renovation market. With the rise of individualism and a drop in consumer interest, finding unique and innovative features is playing a big part in people’s design choices. Consider reclaimed wood features, or try a recommendation from your renovation company.

Improved Outdoors

With the effects of Covid-19 forcing many people to stay inside, a hit trend of 2020 is improving one’s outdoor space. From planting new gardens to repaving your walkways, this year marks a new appreciation for the slice of nature we get outside our very own homes.

Recycled Materials

With our growing global environmental crisis, recycling is finally seeing the interest it always deserved. Reclaimed pallet boards, repurposed plastics, natural fibres, and more abound as materials that reduce our carbon footprints and bring a refreshing, natural feel to our homes.

Outdoor Eating Areas

Along with the general improvements to your outdoors, the time for outdoor eating areas is making a resurgence as well. Putting in a new deck or patio is a great way to enjoy the summer sun while feasting on a great meal.

Find Your Home Renovation Inspiration Now!

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team, thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or [email protected]

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is through home renovations in Calgary. Due to the vast amount of opportunities that home renovations can provide, you are sure to be able to find some way to improve your home’s value. Whether that is through a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodels, or additional storage space, there are lots of options available for you. 

However, not all home renovations in Calgary are created equal. Some of them will undoubtedly cost you more money and only produce minimal additional value. Therefore, you should do your research and find the optimal renovations for your home, such as:

3 Ways to Increase Value Through Home Renovations

1. Basement Renovations

Basement renovations, or just finishing your basement, is a great way to increase the value of your home. Some people shy away from this type of improvement because of horror stories of it decreasing value. However, when planned appropriately, this will not happen to you.

Canadian house in Beaconsfield, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The right way to approach your basement for renovations is by making small renovations. Finish the walls and hang some drywall. Put in a simple, temporary floor. Or, spend a bit more money and really increase the value of your home by installing another bathroom in the basement, which is easy to do as the plumbing stack will dictate the location. Plus, it adds another selling feature to your already beautiful home. 

2. Increase Your Curb Appeal

This phrase has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years because, understandably, the outside of your home is the first impression anyone visiting will receive. There are many ways that you can increase your curb appeal, such as redoing the lawn or adding a tree. However, if you are considering adding a tree, be careful not to choose a breed that will cause problems later on down the road. Trees with large root systems or susceptible to local pests are not a great choice and informed home buyers will be dissuaded from your home if they see this type of tree.

3. Go for Popular Features

Another great option when looking to increase the value of your home is to find out what the popular choices are in your area, which might include hardwood floors, open concept living spaces, and large, comfortable kitchens. However, the trends for homes change regularly, so make sure that you are choosing options that will effectively balance between cost and utility. 

Choose the Right Renovation Contractor

Make sure that when you embark on your home renovation journey that you have a good company at your side. The right renovation contractor will make the process quick and painless and give you sensible advice on how to perform your renovations according to your preferences.

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team, thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or [email protected].