Summer is a wonderful time of the year to tackle home improvement projects. Without all that snow and cold slowing you down, or even bringing your tasks to a halt, it’s the perfect opportunity to cross a few projects off your list.

Let’s look at a few home improvement projects that are perfect for getting done during the summer.

5 Home Improvement Projects For The Summer

Spruce Up Your Outdoors

With nice weather in short supply in Canada, many of us like to take advantage of the sun and spend our time outdoors. What better way than to relax in a garden oasis of your own making?

Elevate your backyard by building a deck complete with a fireplace and room for couches and a barbecue. Alternatively, redesign your landscaping and add some flowers and greenery to add some visual excitement. Regardless, summer truly is the ideal time to take on any outdoor projects, as the weather likely won’t be an obstacle. Plus, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour immediately after!

Reshingle Your Roof

Winter is the worst time to realize that your roof is no longer protecting your home. If you notice that your shingles are cracked or curling up, get a head start on the cold and tackle that issue during the summer. This will ensure that no snow or critters make their way into your home.

Fix Your Siding

Whether it’s completely replacing your siding or simply refreshing it with a coat of paint, summer is the perfect time to add some curb appeal to your home. The warm weather will actually ensure that the paint cures properly and help it last longer.

Replace Your Windows

Old, drafty windows are a major cause of heat loss in your home during the winter months. This results in higher heating costs and lower comfort levels. New windows ensure there is a tight seal around the frame, stopping any cold air from entering. Plus, replacing your windows during the summer means your home won’t be exposed to the elements while making the switch.

Develop Your Basement

Escape the heat by relaxing in your newly developed basement in Calgary. By finishing your basement, you not only have a go-to cool spot in the house, but you now have an additional living space to hang out with friends and family in.

There are so many home improvement projects you can tackle during the summer months. Ultimately, focus on the areas of your home that you believe need the most attention and start there!

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It is every person’s dream; a beautiful and welcoming pub in the basement of their home. They can visit with their friends, or share a lonely night alone with the bartender. The smell of revelry and earnest hope and enjoyment permeates the room, and all who enter are merry. Well, at least, it is the dream of many people.

However, to achieve this pleasant and welcoming environment, it is first necessary to perform your basement development in Calgary. Plus, we don’t want to give the wrong idea. You also have to get permits, a business licence, and likely the city council’s approval before you go marching into a business. But, for your personal use, the development will suffice.

First Steps of Your Basement Development/ Conversion

Make a plan

The first step in any great undertaking is to make a plan. Start by going through the area you are planning to convert and imagining the possibilities. One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is by asking probing questions. Below, we have a list to help you out:

  • Where should I put the dartboard? 
  • Where should I place the bar, and do I need shelving behind it?
  • Do I have enough room for a billiards table, or will foosball suffice?
  • Will there be tables and chairs, and where?
  • Are there going to be working ale taps, and does there need to be keg storage?

Find a contractor

The next step for your basement development in Calgary is to find yourself a contractor. This step is crucial as you want to find a person who will help your vision, not hinder it. Plus, they should be capable of helping you realize your dreams in every capacity. Therefore, take the time to scout potential contractors and make your decision the right one, the first time. 

Lower level bar

Consider the details

Once you have a rough plan and polish it with your contractor’s help, the final step is considering the details. At this point, your project can begin, and you can speculate as it begins to take shape before you. Your considerations should include the trim, details, and special features of your pub. For instance, tasteful neon signs, thought-provoking wall art, or a solid conversation piece. 

Get Started on Your Basement Development Now!

Now that you have the plan for your pub, the last question is, “what are you waiting for?” Get started on making your dream pub a reality in your basement today!

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team, thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or [email protected]

The time of year when you decide to proceed with your basement development in Calgary is likely a part of something grander and more wonderful. For instance, the spring air becomes warm for the first time, or the summer fills your mind with pleasant thoughts and simple memories. However the decision comes to pass; beginning your development with the right planning and consideration is still essential.

Plus, when it comes to your planning, you should keep in mind that some Calgary basement development ideas are better than others. That is why it is so critical for you to consider the following features before you begin your development.

5 Features for Your Calgary Basement Development

1. Adding a Bathroom

One of the most common features people add to their basement during development is an additional bathroom. There are many good reasons to do this; increase in home value, the comfort an additional bathroom brings for dwellers of the house, and the ease of installing the room in a basement. 

2. Hanging Drywall

Hanging drywall not only helps to keep your insulation safe and effective, but it also shows a nice, complete finish after your basement development completes. Plus, it is easy to decorate or repaint drywall as long as you remember to prime it first.


3. Second Living Room

Much like Hobbits, the living room is a space where you can genuinely benefit from asking the question, “what about second living rooms?” With a second living room in your basement, you provide a space for your kids to leave you alone. I mean, play games in peace. Also, you can use the space for friend gatherings or other fun events.

4. Extra Storage Space

Of course, you could not participate in basement developments at all, and probably have the most storage space possible for the area. But, that will likely be disorganized, and you are probably going to notice the lack of vertical storage options, so take the opportunity to put some extra shelves or bookcases to utilize your space for the best.

5. Perfect Wiring

Easily the greatest frustration with any entertainment space is the large number of cords that seem to explode from the area. Plugs going into power bars connected to wall outlets with additional plugs and on and on it goes. Therefore, take the time during your development to really consider what you will need to store in terms of cords and electronics, and make some plans to get them tucked away and tidy.

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team, thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or [email protected]

Increasing the value of your home can be a difficult task in these troubling times, but there is always a way to make a home more desirable. One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to participate in basement developments in Calgary

This is because basements are often underutilized, even though they’re typically the same rough square footage of the main or second floors. It may be because of their underground nature, but people often seem to have an aversion to spending time in this wide-open space, seemingly hidden, right inside their home. 

So it follows that basement development would be a great place to start increasing the value of your home. If you can make the area desirable enough for people to want to spend time there then you have successfully created another room for consideration during the price negotiations of your home. 

Keep Your Basement Development Simple

Basement Developments

Although, it is also important to watch for the common pitfalls associated with basement development in Calgary. For instance, a common mistake people make during basement development is putting in extra walls for rooms. Understandably, they want to make extra bedrooms or a living space, but there is often a failure to consider how important the freedom factor is for people. 

So, adding too many extra walls or cementing the floor plan of your basement can actually be a detriment. But, if this is something you want to consider, the best room to put in during a basement development in Calgary is an extra bathroom. Which makes sense if you consider most homes are advertised as “3 bedroom, 2 bath (1 full)”, as an example. Bathrooms are a hot commodity and easily installed in basements due to the typical location of plumbing stacks.

Otherwise, try and keep your basement development in Calgary a simple affair. Hang drywall, level the concrete floor, and consider putting in a false subfloor for added visual appeal, and try and segregate the laundry room to reduce the noise and add some much-needed shelving. And, of course, add another bathroom. These simple tasks will ensure you can achieve the maximum value of your home.

Finally, when embarking on basement renovations, consider seeking advice from two professional industries. That is the realty and developer industries. Both of these services are designed to give you the best value of your home, and they will be able to provide you with suggestions and recommendations regarding what else you should add to your basement development, based on current market trends and homebuyer wants. 

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or [email protected].

Developing a basement for your home requires a lot of hard work, long-nights and overcoming setbacks. There is no rest to panic though: these insights from your local Calgary home renovator about how to prepare for your basement development will help. 

5 Ways To Prepare For Your Basement Development In Calgary 

Plan Ahead So You Know What To Expect 

You have to use every facet of your time to plan out your basement development plan. You have to include every aspect of the basement, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and everything in-between, such as the plumbing, electricity and more. The more you plan out on your basement, the more you know what the final goal will be. 

Crunch The Finances 

You cannot build a basement in the image you want without knowing if you can do it within your budget. Having a budget plan ensures you don’t go off the board and end up hurting your hip-pocket. Speak to your Calgary home renovations company about what the developments will cost you, and then crunch the numbers. 

Prepare For Dealing With Permits 

As much as you would love just to develop and build your basement, you cannot do it without gaining permission from your local council. You will have to obtain building permits and get them signed up by the council before any work begins. It is part of the building process. 

Expect Work To Be Done In Regards To Flooding 

You have to scope out and assess the condition of your basement for any chances of flooding occurring. It is the single – and most time-consuming task – in the whole process. The basement has to be secure to guarantee as it is a health and safety issue. If work is required, expect to pay for it. Your renovator and the city council will take a thorough look at the condition of your basement to make sure it is safe.  

Hire The Right Home Renovations Company in Calgary

To ensure that your basement vision comes to life, take the time to find the best basement development expert in Calgary. You don’t want to hire anyone to do the job; you need someone that has all the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the project for you. Research companies, read reviews, ask for quotes and check references. The more research you do, the more chance you have of finding the right renovator to help you. 

Paramount Renovations is the leading home renovation company in Calgary. We have established ourselves as a committed and passionate team thanks to our high-quality work and superior customer service. For all your home, kitchen and bathroom renovations, contact us at 403-923-2662 or at [email protected]